Custom XR experiences development

Bespoke XR solutions development by Next Reality Digital, from immersive virtual experiences to event launching, NFT marketplaces, and full metaverse deployment.


Extended Reality in Art & businesses

Extended Reality (XR) is an umbrella term encompassing Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR). XR development involves crafting immersive and interactive experiences, allowing users to engage with virtual environments and objects.

In the context of art, XR development offers innovative ways for artists and organizations to create and exhibit their work through immersive experiences that augment the physical world.

Next Reality Digital provides end-to-end XR solutions for art, art organizations, and businesses that range from conceptualization and development to deployment. We create decentralized experiences that expand the presence of content beyond physical limitations.

XR DEVelopment Solutions


Augmented Reality merges the physical world with digital experiences by overlaying virtual objects onto physical spaces. With AR activation through a QR code or URL, users can visually connect both realities within seconds. As an immersive storytelling tool, AR enhances art consumption experiences and fosters a deeper connection with users. Next Reality Digital specializes in device-agnostic AR solutions for the art Industry and businesses, enabling access from any device equipped with a camera and a web browser.


Virtual Reality allows complete immersion in digital content with an enveloping narrative force. It is considered the perfect interface to feel a social presence. Remote collaboration experiences or a collective visit to virtual reality's contents allows users to feel as if they were in the same place. Another critical element of VR is the high retention of information due to its immersive characteristic. Next Reality Digital focuses on curating and developing immersive content for artists, organizations, and businesses to extend artistic practices from the physical to the virtual world.


XR NFT Marketplace

Blockchain technology has revolutionized the digital industry, introducing new ways to decentralize and consume digital art. Our NFT Marketplaces solution for the industry features several modules that streamline digital pieces' conceptualization, development, purchase, and sale. We can transform the NFT market into a micro-economy for artists, art institutions, and businesses while offering immersive AR or VR experiences in public spaces.

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Use Cases

Ariel Baron-Robbins

The Salon des Refusés

A metaverse for remote art education. A piece of art conceptualized by artist and art and technology teacher Ariel Robbins where artists can upload whatever they want. A place for experimentation and freedom usable to host conferences, mini-exhibitions, projections, and performances. This MaaS solution for education is one of the priority case studies created at Next Reality Digital to help adopt and scale different metaverses with artistic content.

Yucef Merhi

We are being watched Metaverse

Development of immersive artwork on the website of the artist Yucef Merhi for the MUD Foundation's Media Under Dystopia 2.0 show. We Are Being Watched is a computer-generated work comprising 4 screens and a live-streaming projection. Each screen shows a word from the aforementioned title, moving vertically on the screen, failing like damaged VHS tapes or old TV reception. Our solution to extend the piece to the internet was the creation of a virtual space where the words projected by the artist are displayed.