xr nft marketplace: A GAME-CHANGER FOR THE ARTs & businesses

Offering a range of innovative solutions that enable artists, art organizations & businesses to showcase and sell their virtual creations to a global audience with Next Reality Digital's XR NFT Marketplace.


NFTs decentralization

Our tailored NFT Marketplace solution focuses on the art industry and businesses. Next Reality Digital offers various services to assist with development, buying, and selling needs. Partnering with artists and art institutions using cutting-edge technologies, we aim to deliver a secure and user-friendly experience. Our team creates state-of-the-art content and supports you throughout your NFT journey, staying up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices.

XR NFT Marketplace Features

  • Authenticity and Ownership: Blockchain technology ensures the authenticity and ownership of virtual artworks, protecting artists' creations from unauthorized use and reproduction.

  • Global Reach: Sell virtual artworks to a worldwide audience, expanding the potential art market and reaching new audiences without physical exhibitions or events.

  • Decentralization: Bypass traditional intermediaries, giving artists more control over the distribution and sale of their virtual artworks.

  • Immersive Experience: Showcase virtual artworks in 3D and interactive formats, creating new and engaging experiences for artists and businesses.

  • Revenue Generation: Earn royalties with each resale, providing artists with a potential stream of passive income.

  • Customizable Profiles: Build a unique brand and engage meaningfully with audiences by showcasing virtual artworks and highlighting artistic visions.

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Onland NFT Marketplace

Rafael Rodriguez

Interfacing Actuality

This project consists of creating a marketplace piece: Interfacing Actuality, which has taken the notion of interfaces as an entry point to enact the change currently taking place in our reality, demonstrated by the metaverse phenomenon. This change has been called the prototype of reality. Interfacing Actuality refers to the metaverse as the technical system by which the real becomes an interface.

Antonio Mendez

Augmented Drag Reality

In times where artivism supports a specific community within contemporary culture, Augmented Drag Reality takes advantage of the metaverse and augmented reality as ways to decentralize the use of the content of the work. By utilizing religious iconography from the artist's upbringing and fusing it with contemporary queer imagery, viewers will witness an apparition that will protect and unite all who experience it. Next, Reality Digital is focused on empowerment through immersive interfaces that allow artists to go beyond their physical reach.