A state-of-the-art XR development company that creates immersive experiences and extended reality metaverse infrastructures for artists, organizations and businesses.


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XR MaaS is a solution that allows art organizations and artists to build their branded digital metaverse with cutting-edge immersive technologies. XR MaaS gives organizations the tools to reach a broader audience making digital transformation a reality.


We are an experienced development company specializing in XR (extended reality) solutions for the art industry, providing consulting, tools, and development services to create interactive and immersive virtual experiences and infrastructures.

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Interfacing Actuality by Rafael Rodriguez

XR NFT Marketplace

Immersive non-fungible-tokens that are easy to place in your physical world with tailored smart contracts solutions. We create our NFT whitelabeled marketplace as an economic engine for artist and art organizations that, at the same time, can activate art in augmented reality in their venues or public space.

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Use Cases

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An XR MaaS white-label platform developed for MUD Foundation INC to extend virtually the organization’s art + tech programs. Onland is an agnostic device web XR platform made with state of the art immersive tools and XR technology

Augmented Drag Reality by Antonio Mendez


A white-label NFT XR marketplace developed for MUD Foundation INC to support artists that works in the organization programs and the public art interventions in augmented and virtual reality as part of the phygital exhibition program. Onland NFT marketplace uses smart contracts that tailor the organization artists needs and the donors program digital infrastructure

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